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Customer Testimonials

We could tell you about the quality of our service, our attention to customer care or about how our low pricing will save your company lots of money.

We can... but we prefer to let our customers do the talking for us.

The testimonials below are from customers who took time to share with us how they feel about choosing Heavy Lift Sales for their forklift needs.

At Heavy Lift Sales our customers are the #1 priority. Find out for yourself why so many companies choose Heavy Lift Sales.

Win's Smokehouse is very happy with the sales service provided, the price paid, and the quality of the forklift purchased. "I was in need of a forklift and did a lot of researching used ones until I came upon Heavyliftsales.com. I found the selection to be quite large. Once I found a few lifts that I thought would work for me, I called and spoke with the salesman. He was very helpful and not pushy like most I have dealt with in the past. Once I found one, they shipped it to me free of charge. And when it arrived I was very pleased, it was like a brand new lift that was 12 years old. I couldn't be happier with the service they provided me. Not to mention the prices were a lot cheaper than everyone else."

Pete Wiencek
Win's Smokehouse Services, Ltd.
Pisgah Forest, NC
Marsh's Marina purchased a $36,000 forklift and loves it! "I was probably the most nervous online buyer ever, but I am so happy with my forklift that I want everyone to know how great it was to deal with Heavy Lift Sales."

Mike Gouett
Marsh's Marina
Express Packaging purchased seven forklifts over the last five years for locations in California, Arizona, Chicago and Ohio. "We are co-packers/assemblers for the large food, beverage, drug and pet food companies. We have plants in California, Arizona, Illinois and three plants in our home state, Ohio. As co-packers, our jobs require responding quickly to our customers. Heavy Lift Sales is always very dependable. What they say you can count on. They always tell us what we need to know. They are kind and professional, not just making a sale, but they make the right sale. Whatever condition a forklift is in, itís always just what Heavy Lift Sales says it is.

I like to save on cost by buying late-model truck lifts. We do labor-intensive assembly work and packaging that involves moving tons of truckloads at a time, so there are times we need a forklift customized. Heavy Lift Sales will do that for us, making the truck lift to fit what we really need, within the budget we give them.

We enjoy a very positive relationship with Heavy Lift Sales."

Fred Hartzler
Express Packaging
Columbus, Ohio
Intellipower bought a virtually new Repo unit for close to half the price of a new one. Pat Northen, Operations Manager at Intellipower, an Orange, California electronics manufacturer, needed a forklift because the company had relocated to a new facility.

"We were looking at new lift trucks, but I decided to look into the used market. I filled out a form on a website search engine, and Mark Sandelin, at Heavy Lift Sales, was the only one who called me.

I didnít know a lot about a reach lift trucks, but because we had confined space, I knew thatís what we needed. Mark helped me a lot, telling me our options for our requirements.

After checking several other suppliers, Heavy Lift Sales had the best price for the condition of the forklift, less than half the price of a new forklift. And Heavy Lift Sales repainted it for free.

I was a little nervous about ordering online, but when we got it we were very happy with it. Itís still serving our purposes. Other than normal maintenance, we havenít had any problems with it at all.

If I were looking for another forklift, I would definitely go through Heavy Lift Sales."

Pat Northen
Orange, California
Roy Fleishman at Jacob Fleishman Cold Storage in Miami, Florida bought six forklifts from Heavy Lift Sales because the prices were so attractive. "We needed good used forklifts for food handling. Heavy Lift Sales offered six reconditioned machines at a good price, which included delivery. I offered to pay more in order to have them painted and to have new seats installed. Heavy Lift Sales made them look brand new. They are working great for us. I would highly recommend Heavy Lift Sales."

Roy Fleishman
Jacob Fleishman Cold Storage
Miami, Florida
Aqua Art had the wrong idea of what they needed. Heavy Lift Sales helped them determine the right unit for their needs and saved them several thousand dollars in the process. As President of a small manufacturing warehouse in Melbourne, FL, Howard Cohen needed a forklift. He called Heavy Lift Sales for help.

"We had been looking at the wrong liftógoing for a reach truck. We didnít realize the limitations of that kind of lift truck. Mark Sandelin at Heavy Lift Sales directed us to a stand-up, rear wheel electric forklift, which ultimately was the perfect lift truck for what we needed. Heavy Lift Sales explained why this electric lift would be more versatile for our needs. The main thing is they delivered on price and performance. We donít use it a lot, but itís still on its first battery charge. Heavy Lift Sales does what they say they would do. Heavy Lift Sales treated us well. They were really great. If we every need another forklift, we would contact Heavy Lift Sales."

Howard Cohen
Aqua Art
Melbourne, Florida
SJF Material Handling from Minnesota purchased over $100,000 worth of equipment. "We’ve purchased well over $ 100,000 worth of equipment from Heavy Lift Sales over the past several years and we will likely purchase more in the future.

It is difficult to find a trustworthy supplier for multiple purchases but Heavy Lift Sales hasn’t let us down. Their professional staff has provided us with quality products and great service. We trust them and look forward to continued dealings."

(one of the largest material handling companies in the world)
O.J. Compagnie purchased a used lift truck in Montreal, sight unseen. "With the numerous used lift truck dealers and wholesalers, I was skeptical about buying a machine for the limited amount I had to spend. It seems as though the under $10,000 range is an open door for sellers trying to unload their dogs. After having found your site, I was pleased to find a large quantity of late-model used lift trucks, but doubtful that any of these machines would be affordable to me.

Imagine my surprise when I was able to buy a 1999 Komatsu 5000 lb lift truck in impeccable condition for much, much less than anywhere else in Montreal. The quality/price aspect of my particular purchase was outstanding.

I would recommend that anyone in the market for a used lift truck give Heavy Lift Sales a call. We all work hard for our money and no one wants to spend more than they have to.

Thanks Again."

Phil Jangl
O.J. Compagnie
Sherrington, Quebec
Bublitz purchased three 2001 Yale pneumatics in Missouri, sight unseen. "We are glad we can trust a company enough to provide us with good used lift trucks, sight unseen. We purchased three 2001 Yale pneumatics and wired over $30,000 in payment in advance without any problems. We are Yale dealers and we know good quality lift trucks, especially our own.

This was our first time dealing with Heavy Lift Sales - we are impressed and we will do business again without any hesitation."

Jeff Bublitz
Bublitz Machinery
Kansas City
Corporate & General purchased 40 used lift trucks in Toronto over the last year. "Our company has purchased over forty used lift trucks from Heavy Lift Sales over the last year. The staff is knowledgeable, trustworthy and they are by far our best-ever supplier of used lift trucks for our clients. It goes without saying that we enjoy a long-standing and positive relationship with them."

Corporate & General Auctioneers
Cosmo Communications purchased two used lift trucks in Markham. "We needed lift trucks for our new distribution center in Toronto. I called up Heavy Lift Sales who has served us well in the past and they fit us with two late-model lift trucks (a reach and a pacer) that are proving to be wise investments. We will most certainly contact Heavy Lift Sales again."

Peter Horak
Cosmo Communications (NASDAQ)
Danbury Sales purchased five used lift trucks in Toronto. "We purchased five used lift trucks from Heavy Lift Sales over our six year relationship. We are very pleased with the staff & management of the company and would highly recommend them. They have supplied us with good machines and we anticipate further purchases down the road."

Bruce Lyle
Logix Conveyor purchased a used Hyster propane lift truck in Mississauga. "When it came time to purchase a lift truck, we wanted a late-model propane unit for our warehouse. Heavy Lift Sales was able to deliver one at a great price!"

Logix Conveyor

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