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"I found the selection to be quite large. The forklift was shipped free of charge and was like a brand new lift that was 12 years old. The prices were a lot cheaper than everyone else."

Pete Wiencek
Win's Smokehouse
Pisgah Forest, NC

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"I was probably the most nervous online buyer ever, but I am so happy with my forklift that I want everyone to know how great it was to deal with Heavy Lift Sales."

Mike Gouett
Marsh’s Marina

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"We purchased seven forklifts over the last five years for locations in California, Arizona, Chicago, and Ohio."

Fred Hartzler
Express Packaging
Columbus, Ohio

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"We bought a virtually new repossessed unit for close to half the price of a brand new one! I would definitely go through Heavy Lift Sales for another."

Pat Northen
Orange, California

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"We needed good used forklifts for food handling. Heavy Lift Sales offered six reconditioned ones at a good price, which included delivery."

Roy Fleishman
Jacob Fleishman Cold Storage
Miami, Florida

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"We had the wrong idea of what we needed. Heavy Lift Sales helped us determine the right unit for our needs and saved us several thousand dollars in the process!"

Howard Cohen
Aqua Art
Melbourne, Florida

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"We’ve purchased well over $100,000 worth of equipment from Heavy Lift Sales...It is difficult to find a trustworthy supplier for multiple purchases but Heavy Lift Sales hasn’t let us down."


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"I was pleased to find a large quantity of late-model used lift trucks. The quality/price aspect of my particular purchase was outstanding."

Phil Jangl
O.J. Compagnie
Sherrington, Quebec

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"We bought three 2001 Yale pneumatics and wired over $30,000 in advance without any problems. As Yale dealers we know quality trucks, especially our own."

Jeff Bublitz
Bublitz Machinery
Kansas City, Kansas

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"Our company has bought over forty trucks from Heavy Lift Sales over the last year. Knowledgeable and trustworthy they are by far the best-ever supplier of used trucks."

Corporate & General Auctioneers
Toronto, Ontario

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Finding that purchasing used fork lifts is no easy task?

Let Heavy Lift Sales help!

Below you'll find several frequently asked questions, with information that will help you whether you are purchasing new or used. Forklifts and their applications are an important part of your warehouse operation.

Click on the links below to take you to the information you require. If you don't find your particular question below, please call us at 866-779-0825 and speak with someone right away.

Frequently Asked Questions on Used Fork Lifts

  • Fork Lifts and Tires (applicable to new or used)
  • Q: I see there are different types of forklift tires. What are the different styles?
    A: Cushion (primarily indoor use) and pneumatic (primarily outdoor use) are the two main categories of forklift tires, with other characteristics within each type. Please see our Inventory page that explains the different types of forklifts and their features, including forklift tires. You may also want to read the article Right Tires for Your Lift Truck on the Safety and Maintenance page.

    Q: How do I know which style of forklift tires is right for my application?
    A: There are other considerations when deciding on forklift tires, characteristics such as tires with tread, or non-marking tires, to name a few. If after reading the article Right Tires for Your Lift Truck on the Safety and Maintenance page or our product styles information on the Inventory page you still have questions, please call one of our forklift experts who will be more than happy to assist you.

  • Fork Lifts and Capacities (applicable to new or used)
  • Q: Would it be advisable to purchase a forklift with a capacity greater than my requirement for extra assurance?
    A: Lift capacity requirements have to be determined by assessing the maximum load at the maximum height. Forklift capacities decrease slightly after the mast reaches a certain height. If you decide to purchase a larger capacity unit you may end up with a physically larger (longer) forklift than you want.

    Q: I've seen different weight capacities stated on the specifications of the same forklift. Why is this so?
    A: The same forklift can be rated for different capacity depending upon the attachment and mast height.

  • Fork Lifts and Batteries (applicable to used)
  • Q: Do I need to have more than one forklift battery for my electric forklift?
    A: A new forklift battery is designed to provide five to six hours of use, which in most cases is equivalent to an eight hour shift. An additional battery is required for longer usage times.

    Q: Do forklift batteries require maintenance? If so, how should I maintain them?
    A: Yes. Preventative maintenance is essential to prolonging the life of your batteries and forklift. Battery water levels should be checked once per week and topped up so the water is just above the plates (not to the top of the cap). Always use distilled water as opposed to tap water. It is always advisable to have a qualified preventative maintenance specialist doing regular maintenace on both your batteries and your forklift.

    Q: How do I know what type of charger to purchase with my forklift battery?
    A: The charger has to be the right amperhour output for your battery and the right input voltage for your building. Call us if you have any further questions regarding your forklift charger.

  • Delivery of Fork Lifts (applicable to used)
  • Q: What are the costs to have the forklift shipped to me?
    A: Forklift delivery charges will vary depending on your location and our storage point. We work with several cartage companies and seek out the best rates for our customers. You are welcome to arrange for your own cartage if you prefer.

    Q: How far do you ship?
    A: Heavy Lift Sales ships all over North America and supplies forklifts from enough locations to ensure reasonable transport charges. We have also shipped to other countries around the world, including Europe. Our staff is experienced in dealing with shipping and customs issues.

    Q: Do you handle customs procedures if I want a forklift shipped to the USA from another country?
    A: Absolutely! We have bonded carriers and deal with one of the largest customs brokers in the world. We ship world-wide and have a lot of experience with cross-border sales.

  • Fork Lifts and Power Source: Propane or Electric (applicable to new or used)
  • Q: Can an electric forklift be used outdoors?
    A: An electric forklift can be used outdoors, but propane is always preferred because of weather conditions affecting battery performance, as well as other electrical and electronic components.

    Q: Are there other options besides an electric forklift and a propane forklift?
    A: Yes. Other fuels such as diesel, gasoline, and natural gas are available.

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