“Financing: Making Used Forklifts A Viable Option

If cash flow is becoming an important issue to you or you find the ability to acquire the equipment you need being hindered by capital budget restrictions, you may find that financing your forklifts is the best way to get the equipment you need without breaking the bank.

There are a number of advantages in financing your equipment through leasing:

  • Financing enables you to afford better equipment with lower monthly payments and little up front costs.
  • Financing enables you to start immediately instead of delaying until you have a larger cash outlay.
  • You can also arrange for flexible payment structures to fit your specific needs.
  • There is also more versatility at the end of your lease with options to return the equipment, purchase it or extend the contract. This would allow you to upgrade your forklifts and save you the normal costs of disposal of outdated purchased equipment.
  • Take advantage a Section 179 deduction. Any business can depreciate the value of a piece of equipment over the course of five years (as an example). The purpose behind Section 179 is to allow a business to write off the entire purchase price of the equipment in the same year! Forklifts are a perfect match with this tax code.
  • This deduction applies to any new or used equipment purchase, whether it be financed, leased, or bought outright. If you are an American company or even a start-up, and need to revitalize your existing lift truck equipment, ask about how Section 179 can make your decision to finance your purchase easier.

You can start the process today. The approval process usually takes about 24 hrs. Give us a call today at 416-238-6684 for a quote!”