January 17, 2020
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"I found the selection to be quite large. The forklift was shipped free of charge and was like a brand new lift that was 12 years old. The prices were a lot cheaper than everyone else."

Pete Wiencek
Win's Smokehouse
Pisgah Forest, NC

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"I was probably the most nervous online buyer ever, but I am so happy with my forklift that I want everyone to know how great it was to deal with Heavy Lift Sales."

Mike Gouett
Marsh’s Marina

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"We purchased seven forklifts over the last five years for locations in California, Arizona, Chicago, and Ohio."

Fred Hartzler
Express Packaging
Columbus, Ohio

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"We bought a virtually new repossessed unit for close to half the price of a brand new one! I would definitely go through Heavy Lift Sales for another."

Pat Northen
Orange, California

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"We needed good used forklifts for food handling. Heavy Lift Sales offered six reconditioned ones at a good price, which included delivery."

Roy Fleishman
Jacob Fleishman Cold Storage
Miami, Florida

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"We had the wrong idea of what we needed. Heavy Lift Sales helped us determine the right unit for our needs and saved us several thousand dollars in the process!"

Howard Cohen
Aqua Art
Melbourne, Florida

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"We’ve purchased well over $100,000 worth of equipment from Heavy Lift Sales...It is difficult to find a trustworthy supplier for multiple purchases but Heavy Lift Sales hasn’t let us down."


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"I was pleased to find a large quantity of late-model used lift trucks. The quality/price aspect of my particular purchase was outstanding."

Phil Jangl
O.J. Compagnie
Sherrington, Quebec

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"We bought three 2001 Yale pneumatics and wired over $30,000 in advance without any problems. As Yale dealers we know quality trucks, especially our own."

Jeff Bublitz
Bublitz Machinery
Kansas City, Kansas

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"Our company has bought over forty trucks from Heavy Lift Sales over the last year. Knowledgeable and trustworthy they are by far the best-ever supplier of used trucks."

Corporate & General Auctioneers
Toronto, Ontario

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Buy Used Forklifts With Confidence!

Used Forklifts Make Fiscal Sense

Used Forklift Financing

Many company owners and managers like you are discovering that used forklifts are a great investment for their particular warehouse operation.

But searching for a used forklift can be overwhelming.  At Heavy Lift Sales we can help.  We offer a huge availability of high-end, late-model used lift trucks for sale at prices that can't be beat!  Our online database is updated daily with lift trucks to suit a wide variety of applications.  Begin by clicking on Inventory Search.

Or better yet, call 866-779-0825 to speak with an expert on used forklifts right away. Especially, if you don’t see the one you need! Because, chances are that the lift truck you are looking for may be waiting to be entered into our used forklift inventory, as there are over 1000 used forklifts coming off lease every week!

You Can Be Confident in Your Purchase of Used Forklifts from Heavy Lift Sales

  • Many lift trucks come off fleets and were fully-maintained on a strict service schedule (they have to be because down-time is money!).
  • All used forklifts are inspected by qualified forklift technicians and guaranteed to be in good running condition when sold.
  • Click onto our Used Forklift Customer Testimonials page to see why so many companies buy their used forklifts from Heavy Lift Sales.

We Deliver Anywhere, from Connecticut to Massachusetts

Don't let distance get in the way of buying great-priced used forklifts that perfectly suit your operation! Many satisfied customers have entrusted us with supplying them with used forklifts located outside their city -- even without having the opportunity to physically examine them!

If you find that a lift truck in our database suits your application, we'll ensure you have peace of mind because of the following benefits we provide.

Over 2,000 Units Sold Worldwide

Recently Sold Units

2001 VersaLift 40/60, 60,000lb Capacity
2001 VersaLift 40/60, 60,000 lb Capacity Forklift

2012 Bristol RS120, 120,000lb Capacity
2012 Bristol RS120, 120,000 lb Capacity Forklift

2014 VersaLift 25/35, 35,000lb Capacity
2014 VersaLift 25/35, 35,000 lb Capacity

2000 Royal RigNLift, 45,000lb Capacity
2000 Royal 30/45, 45,000 lb Capacity
(3 Units Sold)

2013 Pettibone Super 25 Unused Forklift
Unused 2013 Pettibone Super 25

2011 VersaLift 2535 Forklift
2011 VersaLift 25/35 Forklift, 35,000 lb Capacity

2008 Hyster S120FT Forklift
2008 Hyster S120FT Forklift, 12,000 lb Capacity

2008 Linde H35D Forklift
2008 Linde H35D Forklift, 8,000 lb Capacity

2008 Yale GLC120VX Forklift
2008 Yale GLC120VX Forklift, 12,000 lb Capacity

2013 VersaLift 40/60 Used Forklift
Low Hour 2013 VersaLift 40/60

2014 VersaLift 40/60 Used Forklift
Unused 2014 VersaLift 40/60

2004 Hyster H550F Used Forklift
2004 Hyster H550F, 55,000 lb Capacity Short Wheel Base Unit

2007 Clark TMX15S Used Forklift
2007 Clark TMX15S 3 Wheel Electric

2013 Nissan TX35N Used Forklift
2013 Nissan TX35N "Repo" with under 50 Original Hours

1990 Royal T500 Used Forklift
1990 Royal T500, 50,000 lb Capacity

2007 Crown RR5225-45 Used Forklift
2007 Crown RR5225-45, 4,500 lb Capacity

1985 Royal T250B Used Forklift
1985 Royal T250B, 25,000 lb Capacity

1995 Royal T220 Used Forklift
1995 Royal T220, 22,000 lb Capacity

2000 Drexel SLT30 Used Forklift
2000 Drexel SLT30, Swing Mast Forklift

2001 Hyster S155 Used Forklift
2001 Hyster S155, 15,500 lb Capacity

2003 Hyster H400H Used Forklift
2003 Hyster H400H, 40,000 lb Capacity

2005 Raymond SA Used Forklift
2005 Raymond SA, Turret Truck

2006 Nissan CL60 Used Forklift
2006 Nissan CL60, 6,000 lb Capacity

2007 Hyster H110 Used Forklift
2007 Hyster H110, 11,000 lb Capacity with Rotator

2007 Linde H35D Used Forklift
2007 Linde H35D, 8,000 lb Capacity

2007 Versalift 40/60 Used Forklift
2007 Versalift 40/60, 60,000 lb Capacity

1996 Royal TA200B 20,000lb Capacity forklift
1996 Royal TA200B 20,000lb Capacity forklift

Kalmar DCB32 70,000lb super short “RoRo” forklift
Kalmar DCB32 70,000lb super short “RoRo” forklift

1994 Twinlift TWD30 60,000lb Capacity
1994 Twinlift TWD30 60,000lb Capacity

1997 TriLifter TL65 130,000lb Capacity
1997 TriLifter TL65 130,000lb Capacity

2000 Komatsu FG25T-12 Forklift
2000 Komatsu FG25T-12 Forklift

2007 JCB 930 Forklift
2007 JCB 930 Forklift

2000 Hoist F220 Forklift
2000 Hoist F220 Forklift

2004 Otek 30KA Forklift
2004 Otek 30KA Forklift

2007 Doosan D160 Forklift
2007 Doosan D160 Forklift

2004 Caterpillar GC40K
2004 Caterpillar GC40K

2004 Caterpillar P5000 Forklift
2004 Caterpillar P5000 Forklift

2005 Hyster H50XM Forklift
2005 Hyster H50XM Forklift

2005 Hyster H90XMS Forklift
2005 Hyster H90MXS Forklift

2005 Hyster S55FTS Forklift
2005 Hyster S55FTS

2006 Linde H45 Forklift
2006 Linde H45 Forklift

2007 Hyster E50Z-33 Forklift
2007 Hyster E50Z-33

2007 Hyster S155FT Forklift
2007 Hyster S155FT Forklift
  • We purchase trucks that were in full maintenance lease or rental fleets, i.e. where strict maintenance is a necessity.
  • All used forklifts are inspected by qualified forklift mechanics.
  • Heavy Lift Sales can provide you with extensive detail including specifications, digital pictures, and condition reports (when available).
  • A worry-free comprehensive warranty to suit your needs. For more information visit our used forklift warranties page.

"We are a Leading Wholesaler of Used Forklifts"

Heavy Lift Sales is a leading wholesaler of used forklifts, with warehouses across North America.  Specializing in off-lease, trade-ins, and repossessed late-model lift trucks, we offer a wide range of used lift trucks and a huge selection of forklift brands.

Read our Used Forklift Customer Testimonials page to see what satisfied customers have said. Let Heavy Lift Sales eliminate any concern you may have with used forklifts! Speak to someone now at 866-779-0825.

New Inventory - Updated daily

Used Forklift Brands

Allis Chalmers
Blue Giant
Eagle Picher
Elwell Parker
Hoist Liftruck
Ingersoll Rand
John Deere
KD Manitou
Lift Dynamics
Lift King
Load Lifter
Master Craft
New Holland
Palfinger Crayler
Prime Mover
Rico Pegasus
Rigger Lift
Silent Hoist
Traverse Lift
World Lift
Xtreme Reach

Warehouses across North America - We ship worldwide!

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Major US Cities

Austin, TX
Baltimore, MD
Boston, MA
Charlotte, NC
Chicago, IL
Columbus, OH
Dallas, TX
Denver, CO
Detroit, MI
El Paso, TX
Fort Worth, TX
Houston, TX
Indianapolis, IN
Jacksonville, FL
Las Vegas, NV
Los Angeles, CA
Louisville, KY
Memphis, TN
Milwaukee, WI
Nashville, TN
New York, NY
Oklahoma City, OK
Philadelphia, PA
Phoenix, AZ
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San Francisco, CA
San Jose, CA
Seattle, WA
Tucson, AZ
Washington, DC

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